Back in July of 2015, my body was in fairly bad shape. At 51 years old, I had let myself go to the point where I had very little flexibility and my back was sore almost all the time. I contacted Lisa who listened to all of my issues and suggested some private yoga sessions with her. I began my yoga journey in late July. Lisa was very supportive and her goal was to get me to the point where I could change to regular group sessions by December. It is now March 2016, and I feel better and stronger. My back is much improved and not only do I now attend regular group yoga sessions – as of February, I am now doing Crossfit workouts 3 times per week. Thanks Lisa and all the others who have helped me improve my life.
— Allen Smith

Since I started practicing yoga with Lisa, I can hardly believe how quickly my strength, balance and flexibility have improved. I have more energy and I’m more at peace with my body. I have really benefitted from Lisa’s individual attention and encouragement. She knows just how to pace her class and help make individual modifications when needed. I’ve tried yoga in the past and never had this level of success. Practicing yoga has positively affected all aspects of my life. I am so grateful for Lisa and Firefly.
— Cathy Rohman

I have multiple chronic health conditions. When I first started attending Lisa’s class I was weak, tired, and felt like nothing was helping. After the first day I started to feel more hopeful ... and after the first month I had more energy, less pain and more confidence. Lisa is the best yoga instructor I’ve had, she is all about her students! The atmosphere and intensity in her yoga classes is always ‘just right’, she really pays attention to what the class needs each day.
— Karen Baltz

When I started yoga with Lisa I was recovering from a year of debilitating spinal arthritis and chronic muscle spasms. Pain limited every moment – waking or sleeping. The smallest movements were huge challenges. Lying down to sleep was excruciating.

She began by asking about my injuries and limitation. She helped me with individual adjustments in class and advice for home practice. I find Lisa’s teaching gentle, clear and encouraging. She’s supportive of her students’ needs and thorough in making yoga effective for each of us.

Lisa’s restorative yoga class and advice gave me a self-care tool to complement therapy. Now I’m independent and back to normal activities. Doing yoga with Lisa keeps me healthy. I haven’t relapsed. I can work, hike, sleep and enjoy days without pain.
— Eric Quinn

Dante (teenager): before yoga with Lisa I had trouble at night sleeping, and body stiffness. I enjoy yoga with Lisa because she is a very nice person and I find her Method very effective.

Eros (pre-teen): before starting yoga with Lisa I was sometimes anxious and felt sensitive. Meditation and yoga helped me relax and stay calm. Lisa teaches yoga poses in a real good way that makes it fun and easy.

Jasmin: I am deeply grateful that our community has a teacher like Lisa that can connect with each individual regardless of their age or experience. Lisa has made it so that my two boys fall in love with the importance of yoga and meditation in one’s daily life. It has extended our natural practice as a family and made it an even deeper personal experience for them!
— Dante and Eros with Mom Jasmin Faulk Dickerson