November 1, 2018 

#yearofyoga day 4 - today I worked on downward-facing dog, plank, chaturanga, crow and finally tried Firefly pose again. Every day gets a little bit better.

November 2, 2018

supported twist.jpg

#yearofyoga Day 5 - Today I was tired. Heading into a teacher training weekend. So this weekend, I get to share my love of this practice with others. This is our advanced 300-hour training, so I get to share it with people who are as engaged as I am in learning and teaching this amazing, life-changing practice. So my practice today was restorative. At least once a week, I believe everyone should do this wonderful self-care ritual. I’ve been neglecting mine!

The photo is of me in a supported twist and Buddy in Sukasana, easy seated position.

November 3, 2018


#yearofyoga day 6
Today was Shannon Bushnell's turn to teach the 300-hour teacher trainees, and I was lucky enough to practice with them. So the pictures today are of Shannon teaching her fellow students. I so enjoyed her gentle yoga style and class.

November 4, 2018 

ff try.jpg

#yearofyoga day 7
I got to practice with my lovely 300-hour teacher trainees. At the end of the lovely practice, I took another run at Firefly Pose, Tittibhasana. I love that each try, I get a bit closer... Try not to judge the facial expression...

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