Vanessa CharlesCertified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Practitioner, BA with a focus in Sustainable Living and Health

Vanessa's passion for wellness began as a teenager when she had to overcome health issues including allergies, blood sugar levels, and anxiety.  She was and still is passionate about holistic health that addresses the root of the issue instead of simply treating the symptoms.  The more she learned the more she wanted to share so that others did not have to have the challenges she experienced and also so others could experience the BLISS that she found when she learned how to eat well, do regular yoga, and enjoy regular massages.  She loves to teach by example and lives a life filled with joy so that she can spread that wherever she goes.  Vanessa's goal is to help you live a vital, healthful, fun, purposeful, and joyous life through healthful eating, exercise, fun, and massage.  She is committed to supporting her clients in getting all the help they need and has a large network of other practitioners such as; chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, reiki healers, chakra healers, life coaches, counselors, and more that she can refer you to depending on your health challenges.