Firefly Yoga Center offers certification level enrichment coursework in our Butterfly Studio at 419 Water St. SW, Olympia, WA and at our Lacey studio at 4450 Pacific Ave. SE. The coursework will be based on our Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher training curriculum and will be broken down into courses that will average an hour to two hours/week and 6-8 weeks in length. At the end, students will earn a certificate of completion. The certification can -- but doesn't have to -- be used for Yoga Alliance Registered continuing education or as credit toward one of our 200-hour registered teacher training programs. All classes will be taught by our advanced 500-hour yoga teachers. Class minimum enrollment is 6 students, maximum 10.


Yoga Nidra immersion

Taught By Lisa Cosmillo E-RYT 500
Six Tuesdays at 6 pm September 18 through October 24 ~ Cost $75

Yoga Nidra Meditation is simple, easy and convenient. You don’t have to meditate for 20 years to experience the benefits immediately. You don’t have to sit still and quiet the mind.
oga Nidra: 
• improves the quality of your sleep and the amount of your sleep
• reduces your chronic pain suffering
• soothes your autonomic nervous system
• enhances your mental focus and attention span
• improves your creativity and whole brain functioning
• gives you more ease and peace of mind in daily life
• helps create new neural pathways in your brain leading to healthy habits & routines

Regular practice of meditation like Yoga Nidra can help restore and maintain your vital life energy, prevent disease and even improve your mood. You will find that you will respond to stressful situations in your life with more calm and ease. If you currently suffer from a condition such as: insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD or PTS) You may find that with regular practice your symptoms will decrease and you will have a greater sense of ease in your life. Whether you are an experienced meditator or a novice, Yoga Nidra meditation is very easy and you can enjoy the benefits after one session.

side plank lisa.jpg

Basic core strengthening poses and practices

a 6-week course taught by Lisa Cosmillo 500-E RYT Wednesdays September 19 through October 25 from 5:30-6:30 pm at 419 Water Street $75

A strong core is the super-secret anti aging remedy. In this immersion course, we will focus on how to safely and effectively work on our core strength through yoga.

We will learn the proper alignment and modifications for many of the basic core poses.


Standing Yoga Asana (Poses)

Taught by Lisa Cosmillo E-RYT 500
Eight WednesdayS from noon-1pm ~ September 19 through November 7 ~ At the Lacey Firefly Location ~ Cost $100

Have you ever wondered if you were getting the most benefit out of your yoga practice?

In this course, you will learn to strengthen and stabilize your standing practice. We will meticulously break down the steps to build and maintain and breathe through the basic standing poses. We will learn the proper alignment, energetic effort and modifications. You will get to practice, modify and discuss each one and begin to build your own asana notebook.

This will be the first course in a series of courses breaking down many of the most practiced asana. 


Pranayama (Breath Work)

Taught by Ronny Pearsall Ryt-500, E-Ryt 200
Thursdays from 7-8 pm ~ September 20 - October 25 ~ Cost $75

Pranayama is the expansion of the vital life force of prana. This course is designed to illuminate and demystify the practice of yogic breathing applying the techniques learned to deepen the mind/body experience.



Taught by Martie Hammons RYT 200
7 pm Wednesdays September 19 through November 7  ~ Cost $100

Work your way through the chakras in this 8-week series. Learn about what they are, how they affect us, what we can do to activate and use their energies to deepen our spiritual journey and awaken our energies. 

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Taught by Ronny Pearsall Ryt 500, E-Ryt 200 Thursdays at 5:30 pm September 20 through October 25~ cost $75

Join together our voices with intention in the powerful practice of Mantra repetition. Each week we will explore the meaning and experience the vibrations of a different mantra practice.


Sivinanda Series

Taught by Jean Garwood ~ Wednesdays at 5:30 pm
OCtober 10 through DeCEMBER 17 (off for the week of Thanksgiving ~ cost $100

Learn and practice the Sivinanda sequence with master teacher Jean Garwood.


Yoga for Everyday Self Care

Taught by Kat Eggers~ sundays at 10:30 Am
OCtober 7 through november 11  ~ cost $75

Learn mindfulness techniques that can be used in every day life, some yoga philosophy pertaining to mindfulness, plus short, easy to practice daily meditations.  In addition learn yoga flows that support these practices and some short exercises that can be done at home with little space and time.