Beginning in July, Firefly Yoga Center will be offering certification level coursework in our Butterfly Studio at 419 Water St. SW, Olympia, WA. 
The coursework will be based on our Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher training curriculum and will be broken down into courses that will average an hour to two hours/week and 6-8 weeks in length. At the end, students will earn a certificate of completion. The certification can -- but doesn't have to -- be used for Yoga Alliance Registered continuing education or as credit toward one of our 200-hour registered teacher training programs. All classes will be taught by our advanced 500-hour yoga teachers. Class minimum enrollment is 6 students, maximum 10.


Elements of Meditation 101

Taught By Lisa Cosmillo E-RYT 500
Six WednesdayS From 6-7 pm ~ July 11 - August 15 ~ Cost $75

The question is no longer why meditate? but why wouldn't you meditate?
If you are seeking a meditation practice to calm and focus your mind, deal with anxiety or depression, help yourself with decision making or simply to hear your inner guide, this class is for you. 

If you think your mind will never stop chattering, and there's no way YOU could ever meditate and get all of its myriad benefits, this class is for you.
In this six-week series, you will learn and practice the different methods that you can rely on to improve your focus, concentration and calm the fluctuations of the mind.
We will try each one on for size, and you will leave the workshop with a tool box to kick off your own meditation practice.

Class is limited to 10 students
Class worth 6 hours CE and YTT credit


Standing Yoga Asana (Poses):
AlignmenT, modifications, precautions and benefits

Taught by Lisa Cosmillo E-RYT 500
Eight TuesdayS from 6-7 pm ~ July 10 - August 28 ~ Cost $100

Have you ever wondered if you were getting the most benefit out of your yoga practice?

In this course, you will learn to strengthen and stabilize your standing practice. We will meticulously break down the steps to build and maintain and breathe through the basic standing poses. We will learn the proper alignment, energetic effort and modifications. You will get to practice, modify and discuss each one and begin to build your own asana notebook.

This will be the first course in a series of courses breaking down many of the most practiced asana. 

Class is limited to 10 students
Class is worth 8 hours of CE and YTT credit



Pranayama (Breath Work)

Taught by Ronny Pearsall Ryt-500, E-Ryt 200
Thursdays from 7-8 pm ~ July 12 - August 27 ~ Cost $75

Pranayama is the expansion of the vital life force of prana. This course is designed to illuminate and demystify the practice of yogic breathing applying the techniques learned to deepen the mind/body experience.

Class is limited to 10 students
Class worth 6 hours CE and YTT credit



Taught by Martie Hammons RYT 200 and Ronny Pearsall Ryt 500, E-Ryt 200
Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm ~ July 12 - August 30  ~ Cost $100

Work your way through the chakras in this 8-week series. Learn about what they are, how they affect us, what we can do to activate and use their energies to deepen our spiritual journey and awaken our energies. 

Class is limited to 10 students
Class worth 6 hours CE and YTT credit

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Taught by Ronny Pearsall Ryt 500, E-Ryt 200