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Noel Niemi

After 20 years of searching for the best workout, Noel finally found it through Buti yoga. It has helped her open up her soul, relax her body, and given her actual definition in her abs! Noel grew up a runner, playing competitive soccer and has always kept in shape. But...there was always still a desire to mix exercise with empowerment and she found this through Buti Yoga.

After 2 months of practice, she fell in love and obtained her certification to teach. Bringing her past experience of belly dancing and home yoga practice, she was able to incorporate the two with Buti and find her passion-helping other women find their inner strength and bring happiness and health into their lives.
She currently works as a registered nurse at Providence with cancer patients. Before that she was a social worker, before that she was a nanny, and even before that she used to be a mechanic! She has a 13-year-old boy at home and an amazing husband, both are an absolute joy and bring her smiles every day. 

Noel looks forward to working with everyone to help them obtain their fitness and life goals through Buti Yoga, laughter, and love.