Yoga for Kids

For children ages 4-12 - For children ages 4-12 - At Firefly, we believe in family and our kids yoga classes are meant to extend this practice to all ages. Our Incredible Kids class helps your child develop, flexibility, strength and focus while having fun! Children will enjoy yoga postures and sequences, movement games, and centering practices. Incredible Kids will help children build body confidence, relieve stress, and develop focus. Led by Susannah Preneveau RYT-200 and Kristin Rizzieri.

This fall we will have kid’s yoga in Lacey on Tuesdays and Thursdays and in downtown Olympia on Wednesdays. Check our class schedules for those studios specific times.

Your child will benefit in ways you can only imagine, your relationship with your child can soar to new realms! 

What parent does not want the most for their child? 
As a single father, I set out in hopes of finding something that would benefit my daughter both physically and mentally. What I found was much more beautiful and I now hope to pass this on to you.

Some impressions last a lifetime. The benefits of starting yoga at an early age are all good and aid in developing body, mind and spirit while giving the individual a stable building block to the foundation of their life. Whether learning flexibility to help alleviate injuries while developing body confidence and awareness, breathing to relieve stress and open the mind to enable one to focus more clearly, or merely to create a beautiful memory, yoga aids in more ways than I can possibly mention in one review and the benefits last a lifetime. 

Firefly Yoga Studio offers classes to both adults and children. For the children classes, parents are afforded the opportunity to relax and take some personal time or... they may accompany their child(ren). Ages for the kiddo classes range 4-12 and all are welcomed as they come but as Aly would say, “bringing a smile is highly encouraged”.

The instructor, Aly Long, who studied under Guru Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi - known worldwide as “the hugging saint”) did an amazing job in keeping all students excited and active. With the perfect amount of love and imagination all left the studio feeling a new sense of life. Whether crawling around the floor pretending to be an animal while smiling and stretching, howling to the moon or just breathing as a ferocious lion does, I left feeling youthful but now carrying a light within that I had forgotten existed, my daughter had fun too! Together we created something beautiful, as a class... we created something magical. 

My daughter has attended several classes by her self and I have accompanied her as well. I allow her to decide if she does class alone or with Daddy and I could not be happier with that decision. If she needs some “her” time, I respect this and I also know that I am leaving her in warm and caring hands.  If she agrees to daddy/daughter time, and I promise not to embarrass her too much, well....what more can I ask for?

I usually do not write reviews and I really contemplated writing this one since I would love to be selfish and keep this guarded secret for my daughter and myself. On the flip side though, every child deserves to have an opportunity like this and I have confidence that the owner/staff at Firefly Yoga will expand if need be since they pride themselves in keeping classes small and personal to accommodate individual needs while welcoming all.
— James Bryant