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Pay online or in class

Cost: $15/drop-ins ~ $50/5-class card (90 day expiration) ~ $45/5-class card for seniors/military/students (90-day expiration) ~ $100/unlimited month ~ $120/10-class card (1-year expiration) ~ $5/yoga labs

For a complete schedule of classes and to register for a class online click below:

Yoga for Beginners

Taught by Lisa Cosmillo, Linnea LeBeau and Noel Niemi
This class is a gentle blend of stretching, strengthening and rejuvenating poses. You will slowly ease into some stretching and warmth, build up some heat and then take it to some uber gentle restorative poses followed by a nice, long closing savasana. All body types and experiences welcome. Level 1

Family Yoga

Taught by Graise Jenni  
Want to practice but have your kiddos with you?  No need to pay a sitter or bribe your neighbor to watch them.  Bring them with you!  They can practice with us or they can just play.  Bring a book or a few toys.  Recommended for parents with kids age 2-9.
Adults regular class prices, Kids $5

Prenatal Yoga

Taught by Amanda Kalin
The stretches and postures in this Prenatal Yoga class emphasize alignment and encourage optimal fetal positioning for a smoother pregnancy and birth.  We will work on building strength and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, and practice meditation and breath techniques to connect deeper with your baby and prepare for labor.  Any stage of pregnancy welcome!
$15 drop-ins, $50 4-week series, $140 12-week series

Postnatal Yoga

Taught by Amanda Kalin
In postpartum yoga, special attention is given to healing the pelvic bowl and safely restoring the core.  This class is designed to help bring mothers back into their bodies by re-grounding through the creative center.  Infants are welcome in class and childcare will be offered in the adjacent studio for crawlers and walkers.  Best for those who have birthed in the last 1-2 years. 
+$7/child in childcare

Early Morning Hatha and Meditation

Taught by Ronny Pearsall in Lacey and Martie Hammons in Olympia
A half an hour of meditation followed by a soulful deep yoga practice. If you can get out of bed for this class, you will NOT regret it.  Level 2.

Yogic Wake up!

Taught by Sri Ram and Durga
Traditional Indian wisdom teaches us that the morning is the most peaceful and effective time for yogic practice. This class takes advantage of the supportive morning energy to remove stiffness from the body, exercise all important muscle groups, cleanse the organs, and invigorate the vital forces. It will teach breathing exercises to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and leave time for a simple meditation. Can you imagine your body energized and your mind still and peaceful watching the sunrise all before you get to work! We’ll see you in the morning ;).

Yoga for All

Taught by: Lisa Cosmillo, Ronny Pearsall, Aly Long, Michelle Thomas and Kathy Swarthout
This class is a flowing blend of strengthening, stretching and rejuvenating poses. You will begin slow, build up some heat and then take it on down until you completely relax in a closing savasana. All body types and experiences welcome. Level 2.

Buti Yoga

Taught by Noel Niemi, Maggie Neuse and Julia Cereghino

Looking to expand your yoga practice? Buti Yoga workouts transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice.  Level 3

Down Dog? (Yoga to beat Depression)

Taught by Aaryn Smith
Beat traces of depression or sluggishness with this uplifting vinyasa flow designed to balance the nervous system and stimulate stagnant or blocked emotional energy centers.  All levels welcome.

Kundalini Yoga

Taught by Susan Kanzler
Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness.  This 75-minute yoga class is suitable for everyone; beginners and experienced yogis alike.  This class blends Hatha and Kundalini yoga; we'll focus on the fundamentals.  Classes include meditation, pranayama (breath exercises), warm up asanas (poses), kriya (series of yoga postures with breath and sound), cool down asanas, savasana (relaxation), and chanting for a full body/mind experience.  Students are welcomed to wear white clothing, although this is optional; just wear something comfortable.  Level 2

Gentle Yoga

Taught by Monte Arnold, Lisa Cosmillo and Ronny Pearsall
This class is a gentle blend of stretching, strengthening and rejuvenating poses. You will slowly ease into some stretching and warmth, build up some heat and then take it to some uber gentle restorative poses followed by a nice, long closing savasana. All body types and experiences welcome. Level 1

Sivananda Yoga

Taught by Sri Ram
This is a classical Indian, slow paced, meditative class that encourages proper breathing, flexibility, strength and peace of mind. Every Sivananda class aims to develop a progression in traditional yogic learning and experience while respecting the capacities of each student. All Sivananda classes worldwide are structured in the following way: an initial relaxation period, breathing exercises, warm up exercises, holding of 12 important postures, and a final relaxation. This is a class that will challenge you to become not just a student of yoga but a practitioner. All are welcome!  
For more information please see http://www.sivananda.org/teachings.
*1.5 hour classes have pranayama (breathing exercises). 1 hour classes follow set series with breathing exercises omitted.

Nurturing Yoga

Taught by Michelle Thomas
A level one active yoga class where you can bring your child and be yourself.  Care for you while you care for your baby. You don't need any experience for this class, and you can enjoy time with other adults while not sacrificing time with your child.  Level 1

Yoga Detox Flow

Taught by Aaryn Smith
A dynamic practice focusing on stimulating the digestive system with the purpose of aiding the detoxification of the body. Students will experience sequences of poses including twists, bends and stretches that massage the digestive organs.  Although class is designed to be practiced at a pace and intensity level more accessible to intermediate and advanced practitioners, all levels are welcome. 

Yin Yoga

Taught by Ronny Pearsall
This class is held in a gently heated room and is a blend of deep, held poses designed to open joints and extend muscles. You will slowly ease into some stretching and warmth, build up some heat and then hold for a few minutes in each pose.  All body types and experiences welcome. Level 1

Restorative Yoga

Taught by - Monte Arnold, Sandra Kozlowski, Jordan Bell and Stephanie Moore
Embrace the present moment in this delightful blend of restorative poses to treat your joints and to ease your stress. No hurry here as you let your body melt into these fabulously slow and gentle poses. Classes will include a supported approach to yoga poses that will allow you to slow down, deepen and open.  These calming and soothing poses support your immune system and foster your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself.  All body types and experience levels welcome. Level 0

Yoga Labs

Taught by a variety of teachers and trainees.
Yoga labs will vary in level and intensity. They will cost only $5 cash. They will be limited to 8 students and be taught by our new and training yoga teachers. Come enjoy a surprise/bargain/fun yoga class.
Limited to 8 students. Preregistration suggested but not necessary.


Yoga Nidra

Taught by Eric Quinn
Enjoy calm relaxation with restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra guided meditation. Yoga Nidra is an effective way to take a break from stress and re-energize our heart, mind and body. This is one session of an ongoing monthly meditation. Class offers an opportunity to build meditation skills and quiet the mind for our daily experience. Join Eric every 3rd Sunday to pause and reflect.

Yoga 101

Taught by Eric Quinn
Yoga 101 is a variety of yoga classes for students new to yoga, returning to yoga and those with personal challenges. The classes explore beginning and moderate poses used in many hatha yoga classes.  You will learn poses, breathing exercises and meditation for relaxation, flexibility, balance and strength. Explore the yoga mind-body connection to modify poses to meet your needs and make your practice your own. Level 1

Vinyasa Yoga

Taught by Stephanie Abraham, Lisa Cosmillo, Ronny Pearsall and Noel Niemi
Alignment-based Vinyasa- A class for people looking to strengthen their bodies and increase mindfulness. Challenging yourself and finding your edge is encouraged, as well as respecting where you are and resting or modifying when needed. In order to get the most out of your practice, you will learn about proper alignment and gain an embodied understanding of poses. We will look inside and practice bringing balance to our lives by reconnecting our bodies and minds. Level 2-3

Building Blocks of Recovery Yoga series
Taught by Sandra Kozlowski
Join Sandy Kozlowski for her recovery yoga class at noon on Mondays.  Building Blocks of Recovery connects yoga asana, meditation with affirmations, chakras and essential oils to allow anyone who has a struggle in life to rebuild a foundation to find strength again.  Level 2 or the same nurturing and challenging class that you have come to love with Sandy.  Join us at 8:30 AM Saturdays for45 minutes of yoga and learning how to make the pose work with your body and 15 minutes of Savasana with singing bowls to serenade you into pure bliss.  A perfect way to start your weekend.  

Incredible Kids Yoga

Taught by Aly Milburn and Aly Long
This is a well-rounded children's class for kids who have some experience with meditation and yoga. Think a gentle to energetic yoga practice where we laugh and talk our way to Savasana! 

My Real Body Yoga
Taught by Sandra Koslowski
If you have never tried yoga, feel you aren't flexible or are working to heal from heartbreak, then this class is for you. The philosophy of our work is that you are perfect just the way you are and in this class, we will discover together how strong and amazing your body is.  A class for both women and men, you will be encouraged to embrace all of who you are and bring your gifts to the mat.  A Hatha Yoga experience with compassion and encouragement, you will be supported to be the yogi that you always wanted to be! Level 2

Office Dwellers' Yoga Express

Taught by Aaryn Smith
Stuck at the desk for hours on end? Come join us for an express recharge vinyasa flow designed to bring oxygen and vitality back to the body and clear your head, sending you back to conquer the world with a spring in your step! Class duration is 40 minutes. All levels welcome.

Gentle Back Care Yoga
Taught by Ronny Pearsall and Margot Milburn
A class focused on healing and keeping the back healthy and vital.  This is a slow class with deep breathing, poetry, humor, and gentle asanas (postures). Level 1

Weekend Wind Down Yoga
Taught by Ashley Crute
As the weekend comes to a close, let’s prepare ourselves for our work week! We’ll start off with an energetic vinyasa to get your heart rate up, then we’ll cool it down with restoration and meditation. Moderate intensity class with modifications and beginner friendly!  Level 2

Chair Yoga
Taught by Eric Quinn, Monty Arnold and Vena Villanueva
Yoga is for everyone, and if you have issues standing or sitting on the floor, chair yoga is for you. You will warm up your joints, strengthen and stretch and finally rest and relax, ALL with the help of a chair. Level 1