Yoga Teacher Training Should be All Levels

As Yoga teachers, we often tell folks, ANYONE can do Yoga. And in our minds, we think we mean it. And we know that fundamentally, it's true. 

But many of us have been the one person in a class that didn't quite fit in. Well imagine if that one person that doesn't fit in is the teacher!!!

You may have a class of folks expecting a high power practice with backbends, inversions and arm balances ~ but the teacher is more of a moderate level teacher. Everyone involved would walk away from this situation a bit disappointed. 

On the other side of the coin, you may have folks that are limited in their ability and mobility who need special care and attention, or maybe those who are just starting out and really just want to begin down the path. If the teacher is an energetic Vinyasa or Power Yoga teacher, the students might be intimidated and never return.

If the right teacher is teaching the right class and a good match for their students, the students are more likely to leave the class feeling they have found a yoga home.

So obviously students come in all shapes and sizes. And so should the classes they attend and the teachers teaching them.  With the right mix, Yoga truly can benefit all folks of all abilities and all ages.

So before you discount your abilities to teach Yoga, remember there is a need for teachers in all shapes and sizes!

Lisa CosmilloComment